Spell, lock, adapt and outduel. Switchboard is a brand new word game that combines turn-based word play with healthy dose of strategy and a little bit of luck.

Spell: You and your opponent take turns forming words using any combination of letters on the game board. Stretch that vocabulary of yours!

Lock: By spelling great words, you will have the opportunity to lock letter tiles in as your own. Strategically lock certain letter tiles to capture point tiles and further your chances of victory.

Adapt: As words are played, certain letters on the board will change, forcing you to adapt to a new challenge at every turn in order to stay ahead.

Outduel: Accumulate points by spelling words, locking tiles and adapting to changing letters, while preventing your opponent from doing the same. Outduel your opponent by being the first player to reach 40 points.

Check out Switchboard on the App Store today - it's free!


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