Caleb and Niki's trip to Singapore. We had a really awesome time. Singapore has so many awesome spots and such an amazing community. Probably the biggest community I've ever seen and all extremely talented and humble. Such nice people and definitely some of the most skilled athletes I've ever had the chance to train with. Our goal in Singapore was to improve our mental and to learn to sprint at walls like all the locals. We still have a lot to improve on but I think we both progressed quite a bit during our time in Singapore from training in such amazing spots with such amazing people.

Thanks a lot to XiRui and your family for letting us stay in your house for the entire two weeks we were there. You guys were awesome for giving us a place to sleep, cooking us chili crabs, and showing us how to get around Singapore. You're by far the manliest 14 year old I've ever met. Thanks to CP for helping us get everything set up to come over to Singapore. It was awesome to train with you after watching your videos for the last few years. I hope everything goes well for you in the army and you can get back to training quickly. Thanks to everyone else who came out and trained with us, helped us get around Singapore, showed us new spots, showed us which food was delicious, and just generally made our trip awesome.

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