In the summer of 2013, I spent two months living in Southeast Alaska, living on a former college campus and playing guitar in their old steam power plant building, often during long, lazy sunrises. I rehearsed a certain amount of continuous time each day, logging almost 70 hours of uninterrupted improvisation. I recorded a number of these sessions, and layered them into two tracks.

In addition to playing guitar, I also hiked into waterfalls, went swimming all the time, watched sunsets from the tops of mountains, helped process thousands of spawning salmon, etc. I took my camcorder with me most of those places. I've compiled some of the things my camcorder saw into this video, a format I'm tentatively calling a collaged home movie. It's in two parts - Side A, and Side B. Each is about a half an hour long.

Audio available here:

Many thanks to the Sitka Fellows Program and my friends in Alaska.

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