Shoot number 2 with the Blackmagic Pocket Camera.

I'm armed with my Nikon 80-200mm F2.8 D lens. All the D lenses have aperture rings. On the long end of the lens, taking crop factor into account, that means I’m shooting at around 560mm. Nice!

I’m going to film the horses again. They are such beautiful animals - so photogenic.

For further tests, beyond filming horses, I grab my Nikon 70-180mm D F4.5/5.6. This is a macro lens and a very special lens - the only variable focal length macro ever built. Nikon made less than 20000 of these and production ceased in 2003. It’s a miracle lens and these sell for big money if you can find one.

I shoot close ups and I shoot with this lens in the conventional way.

More tests recorded to card.

The results - quite staggering. The is a camera than can play with the big boys. The size of a compact, the results which compare to cameras from the high-end.

I edit the best of the footage together, colour correct and encode. I call the film “Made in England” - because it was.

I still have to test audio, more lens tests, many many things to investigate.

For now I’m falling in love with this little beauty. And I’ve only used it twice.

The potential this camera offers is truly amazing and so far all tests have been recording ProrRes. Can’t wait for RAW.

Watch the footage and read the blog of my first shoot with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera:

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