Now in its eighth year, Hardcore Happening is a gathering of Hot Rod and 20th Century American car lovers in Upstate NY.

30 minutes and 30 miles outside the city of Rochester, lies the small town of Le Roy, NY. The city where Jell-O was invented, is also the home of Jesse Coots; owner of the Old Soul Hot Rod Shop.

On a quiet road somewhere off Route 20, Jesse, supported by a team of family and friends, host one of the largest gatherings of Hot Rod builders, owners, and appreciators in the state. What started off as a small gathering has grown into a engine-revving, burnout-busting, pork-grilling extravaganza. But at the heart of it lies a man whose heart and passion for craftsmanship has built a community around him.

Directed by Anthony Festa, filmed and edited by Dan Wang

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