Stereomedia audio team captain David Pond and legendary SpacePirate snuck up on a graffiti jam in New Haven, Connecticut. They parked a 2005 Jetta Station Wagon TDI in the space of the Hi Cru, then proceeded to play music for the graffiti painters on a memorable saturday afternoon.

The system is built as such: a 1000w inverter takes 12v DC power from the car and converts it into 120v AC power for the devices. Two turntables, a mixer, and a large Roland keyboard amp are plugged into the inverter. The output of the mixer goes to both the car stereo as well as the amp.

The vehicle was turned on and ran for about 5 minutes every 30 to keep the car battery charged.
The type of camera featured at the beginning and end of the video is referred to as a "Brownie"

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