We thought we were mature, sexy and cool enough ‘international artists’ to handle a long-distance relationship. We were wrong.

We knew the easiest solution would be for one of us to move to the other and start working together, but none of us felt like asking the other to sacrifice his own surroundings, family, friends, food, language, etc.

We were stuck.
Then we thought.

Would we be happier somewhere else?
ONE IN ONE is a project around the topic of national identity and identity change. We attempt to adopt or ”steal” national identities, building into the culture and society of different countries.

A young couple stays in a foreign country for one month. They have to organize a new life from almost nothing adapting to this new situation. They have to integrate into a new society, a new community, they shall try to find job, make friends, start to learn the language, so basically, try to find happiness. The premise is a flat, which is open to the public on the final event, functioning as the scene of the play. The young couple lives in this flat and they start the new life from this place.

The life of the couple will be documented by themselves and can be followed on the Internet with up-to-date photos, short videos, blog entries.
Realisation: Malu Peeters and David Power with Emőke Kiss-Végh and Tamás Ördög
Concept: Emőke Kiss-Végh and Tamás Ördög

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