Love Magical is the story of David Justice, an overly passionate man, whose fear of love is standing in the way of his dream of becoming the greatest R&B songwriter in the history of the universe.

After years of rejection, David finally takes matters into his own hands, demanding a bank loan so he can record a demo of his songs, but his loan is denied because of his lack of employment.

However, his dream is soon back on track when David’s best friend, Stan, the elementary school principal, offers him a position as a janitor. With the smell of fresh R&B hit songs in the air, David attends his R&B songwriting class and it’s here that he meets Beth, the amazing new art teacher, who inspires him.

But just when things are looking up, David learns that his job was also offered to Plaxico Diamond Phillips, a wannabe soap actor from Mexico with no plans of backing down. Now that his loan is in jeopardy again, David must battle the evil Plaxico and overcome his fear of love to achieve his destiny.

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