This video is for a contest that Upload Outreach is holding. What follows is a detailed description on how the video was made.
(Spoilers for both the game and video follow)

Before I start I'll go ahead and confirm that this video is a shout out to Alan Wake with another short cry to Left 4 Dead.

I'll also first say that I wanted to use all my music and sound effects from both the two games (Alan Wake and Left 4 Dead). None of my audio is from any other source. (I have reached out to the composer of Alan Wake and I am pending permission of his work.) All the video is my own.

Now, Starting at the beginning. (Audio/Text)

The first quote, "Darkness is Dangerous. It's Sleeping Now" is a quote from the first chapter of the game. I chose this quote because it's the least obvious to what the game could be, yet still giving a subtle hint with the mention of "Darkness".

The next quote, "How does it feel to die by the hands of your own creation" represents the manuscripts that Alan finds along his adventure. The quote is from the first Taken that Alan runs into in the game. (For those that don't know, Alan wrote these manuscripts, however he doesn't recall ever writing them and each manuscript gives him an idea of what will happen to him next.)

The next quote is, "Alice? Alice?!". Alice is the name of his wife who goes missing near the start of the game that Alan goes searching for. There are two hints here, the obvious hint is Alice's name, but it's the least obvious giveaway to the game title.

(I personally believe Alan's wife is a less giveaway because when I think about or talk about Alan Wake I hardly remember his wife but focus more on the well written and dark nature scriptwriting of the game's story, manuscripts, and Bright Falls' episodes.)

The bigger giveaway, but least obvious hint, is that this is the first time in my video that we get to hear the very well narration of Alan Wake. Again, for the ones that haven't played this game, Alan Wake narrates all throughout the game and he does it extraordinary well.

(This is probably my favorite part of the game. And I wish I added more of his voice in my video but I still didn't want to give to much away till the end and with the short timeframe I could only add so much.)

We hear Alan Wake again in the video ask, "Is someone here?" And quickly in one frame I add the word, "YES".

Next we hear Alan's wife call out for Alan as I add in his name "Alan" in text which jumps up the screen. In the second bigger "Alan" text a white lighting like frame flashes on the screen. During the flash the name "Wake" appears in black text.

During this time we hear our second video game shout out, Left 4 Dead!

(The Witch)
For the few that didn't catch it or never played Left 4 Dead the Witch is a female super zombie that sometimes appears once throughout a level that can down a player instantly. Most less gutsy players try to avoid this terrifying creature. How do you avoid such a monster? When a player gets close sound cues such as music and the frightful crying of the witch can be heard. Both of these are represented in my video.

(Behind-the-Scenes: The Witch)
The girl that we got to play our witch was great! She had never heard of either Alan Wake or Left 4 Dead. In fact we had an actress that backed out last minute and this girl in the video agreed to play the part before knowing what she was playing. She's a beautiful young college student and she fell into the part perfectly. When she first looked up into the camera I instantly had no regrets.

This part is pretty simple. I would almost say that the music and sound effects could make the video alone. Alas, this is a video competition so here we go.

I would first like to start by saying that anyone can make a video like this with just a basic camera, a few dedicated friends, and an imagination.

(My Story)
Real quick, about me. I've been to an amazing film school, Maine Media Workshops. I've been to college and I've worked with low budget production crews. However, What I wanted to do with this video is the complete opposite. With a small group of four people, a camera so old and poor that I don't even want to say it's make or brand, and lighting from a D Volt battery flashlight this video was made.
I admit that I did edit this on Final Cut Pro X. Lets avoid that dispute.

(So back to video. This part will be quick.)
In the middle of the video we see some manuscripts and I'm a little disappointed that it's not legible. Both papers are copied straight from the game with the title of his novel, "Departure".

(And Finally)
I know that this video is less Upload like since it lacks gameplay footage and my voice, but I wanted to make a video that was unique in its own way. I've never made a gameplay focused video before but I'm excited and eager, and hopefully you all are too, with what I can create.

Lets wait and see.

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