"Well, in fact, historically, the British did come here to Saint–Malo in the 1700s to try and take it. But when they saw the ramparts being built around the city they decided not to bother and they took the town of Saint–Servan, which is not too far away from here, and they destroyed 30 boats of the privateers. And, of course, you know the difference, don't you, between a pirate and privateer?" —Paul Sherwen (1 hr., 34 min., 41 sec.)

2013 Ian H. Besler
ianbesler@gmail.com | ianbesler.com

Footage: Tour de France 2013, Stage 10, Tuesday, July 9th, 2013
©2013 Amaury Sport Organisation aso.fr/us/homepage.html, Éditions Philippe Amaury amaurymedias.fr & NBCUniversal Media, LLC nbcuni.com

Pasadena, CA

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