Bulgarian poetry - author Ysen Vedrin
Music - George Katsaros "Abrazame"
Pictures - Lena Karpinsky

Smile from my lips ... How?
For me it is inconceivable mystery.
A touching and fascinating character
that it be close, even invisible.
Peek of my pupils ... How?
Was in my eyes left?
Radiant sun chase my gloom
and casts eye over cloud forests.
Touch me on my hands ... How?
Does magic fingers are intertwined?
Like branches connected in foliage,
with rain, innocent glow.
Dopey whisper your thoughts ... How?
Right in the heart of the word is born?
Two springs in one you sing again
or they invented my thirst?
I embrace you with your prayer ... How?
Whether yearning merging halos?
Of tenderness dissolve my threshold
and love my soul prays ...

Editing & Production by MaggyGreen

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