The visual aspect of 'Flutterman', the film itself, by Filmgruppe Chaos, acted as the score for the soundtrack.
Before I began composing the audio I watched the piece several times, making notes. What emerged was a film of human beings stretching themselves to achieve what nature does effortlessly,
both physically and spiritually.
I made a collection of recordings, spoken quotations from various sources and media, which all related in some way to man's rising ambitions, and also, to some extent, the eventual mundane
application of his achievements. This, in turn, produced the idea of making a piece of music from a secular item, which could never be identified from simply listening to the finished piece.
I recorded and re-recorded the spoken words at various speeds and mapped them to images in the film.
The source of the accompanying music is a curtain ring, something which enables another thing to hang and glide whilst doing little by itself, other than cling to a third object. The ring has been processed in several different ways but originally played a warm note when plucked. The music of the ring makes a nice field for the chorus of quotation.

Clay Gold

Sneaky peek. This is a low-grade version of 'Flutterman', part of a 16mm film and sound collaboration between Filmgruppe Chaos of Kiel, North Germany ( and Clay Gold of Canterbury UK ( We've made seven short films so far this year.

I'm looking for galleries, film clubs and festivals to present these films with their full 5.1 surround soundtracks. If you're interested, get in touch.

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