Mister August is a short voyage trough last summer shots of the film "The Myth and The Reason", whom the full-lenght film, will be ready in autumn. The short follows those already published, focused on different seasons (Lady may, Sir April, Lord Winter ect..) with their own character. Each short does not represent the full-lenght tale, but must be seen as introspective overlook upon the film within his mythological silent background. What anthropological and cultural suggestions does desolation of nature produce in modern human been is exactly what the full-lenght film will try to focus. The nature, not shown from naturalistic point of view (as the shorts could suggest), will be the lost third dimension of an introspective voyage into the spontaneous myth that flows each time we come back to wilderness and how the reason elaborate this lost sensation.

For more news see our full movie to the link: vimeo.com/104405868

The documentary is entirely shot in Valle d'Aosta ( the the bilingual french-italian region of italian Alps, boarding the four 4000 m of Alps, particularly Ruitor glacier range, Gran Paradiso National Park valleys and Mont Blanc range). will be produced with italian voice over and french and english subtitles.

GH2 + Glidecam and 720p
GH2 + Tripod and 24p
HVX201 1080 25p 720 50p and Time Lapse + Tripod

No Color correction

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