Viktoria Tolstoy - vocals
Jacob Karlzon - piano

Though there are many beautiful singing voices in jazz today, Viktoria Tolstoy is one of a kind. A great melodramatist of jazz who is also bipolar, she makes happiness sound fragile and threatened, and bitterness sweet and enchanting.

Jacob Karlzon has been Tolstoy's trusted companion on her band projects for almost 15 years now, his playing thrives on nuances, transitions, ambiguities -- be they inspired by classics such as Grieg or hard rockers the likes of KoRn. It is a partnership that shows no signs of abating, despite Karlzon's own highly successful band ‚JK3' that bears his name.

The ease with which Viktoria Tolstoy and Jacob Karlzon can change the fundamental character of songs that otherwise seem to be set in stone is quite spectacular. But above all, what the songs all have in common is an overwhelming quietude and power. There is a calmness and strength in the music that comes from experience and draws from the tried and trusted.
This is how a fascinating and completely unique moment in her and Karlzon's oeuvre was born—and it is one that will remain.

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