Talk given by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi at Newcastle (Australia) on Feb 28th 1992
"If you see economic problems, political problems, physical problems, mental problems, family problems, all of them are related to human beings. So we have gone wrong somewhere, [...]
But now a new category of very honest people are there in this world who are seeking beyond. William Blake has called them men of God, those who will seek the truth and they will make other people also godly. That’s the time has come, this resurrection time has come we should say [...]
But when the Kundalini passes through, then this center, then these two institutions as you see them, the conditioning and the ego are just sucked in. As a result you become thoughtlessly aware.
These cool vibrations you can call them start flowing through your own hands, you can feel them. But also you get information about others as well as about yourself on these fingertips. Automatically you become like a person who is a computer. It starts working in such a wonderful manner [...]
This new race, we can call it. The new society, is already formed. It’s there, they’re angel-like people, beautiful. I never tell them, don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t take drugs, nothing of the kind. I don’t tell them, it just automatically drops out because in the light they see the ignorance that they had."

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