Filmed at the woodland cemetery (skogskyrkogården) in Stockholm. It was the day before all saints day so there were a lot of people visiting graves and lighting candles. There was a very special mood that is difficult to describe, but that I've tried to bring forward in the video. It was somewhat uncomfortable filming people as I felt that I was intruding on something very personal. I have however tried to make the final edit to be as respectful as possible.

Technical info below, feel free to skip it.


About a week before this was shot I visited the woodland cemetery and shot some handheld footage, basically scouting the place to see if it would be interesting to film something there. I liked it very much - there was a special tranquility there that I thought would be worthwhile to try to capture on film. This Friday I got a good excuse to go back. I had two new lenses that I wanted to try out (Tokina 11-16mm / 2.8 and Canon 85mm / 1.8). As I'm off in a few days for two weeks to Croatia to film a documentary I also wanted a general equipment test and this was a good opportunity. Last time I visited the woodland cemetery, the place was completely deserted. This time it was crowded as it was the day before all saints day - something I had not counted on. I ended up with quite a different type of shots than I had planned. I spent four hours at the cemetery (nearly froze to death) and got about an hour's worth of footage. To be fair, half of the time was spent talking to people as the place was crawling with photographers that showed great interest in the 7D rig.


-Canon 7D
-Tokina 11-16mm / 2.8, Sigma 30mm /1.4, Canon 50mm / 1.4, Canon 85mm /1.8 with 90% of the shots taken with the Tokina and the 85 mm. (Both are wonderful lenses)
-Zacuto DSLR rails/baseplate
-RR Follow Focus
-Zacuto Z-Finder
-SmallHD field monitor
-Manfrotto 535 CF with 503HDV head

I can add here that I used the field monitor much less than usual as the Z-Finder could be used on many shots (especially when tracking moving objects). For the ultra wide shots I found the camera's own monitor to be OK (no shallow DOF). For properly planned follow focus executions the field monitor is still essential (it allows you to see what you are doing while also keeping an eye on the markings on the FF).


Relatively light grading was done with MBL. Mostly just color correction as it all was shot with the super flat color profile.


The music is "Central Park" by James Newton Howard, from the King Kong OST. I had quite a bit of trouble with the selection of music. This edit is the third one. The other two cuts used different music but it didn't work well. There was a certain subdued mood at the cemetery that I wanted to capture and the final choice of music was made with that in mind.

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