This is my graduation project from the Veritas University animation school.

This is the story of Tom, a lover boy who finds on paper the courage he needs to go for the girl of his dreams.

Animation: Daniela Pacheco, Jason Leandro, Mieke Jensen, David Osegueda, Mariana Vazquez, Yuan Hsi Chiang, Jimena Castillo, Luis Zúñiga.

Backgrounds: Fátima García, María Fernanda Fuentes, Diego Hernández, Carolina Nelson, Alfonso Chan, Astrid Pinel, Jimena Castillo, Daniela Peralta, Kristoffer Vela, Luis Zúñiga.

Rigging: Mauricio Badilla, Alonso Chaves, Carlos Morales, Luis Zúñiga.

Voices: María Fernanda Fuentes, Jimena Castillo.

Music and SFX: Cactus Bear

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