"Now stand by for the greatest show on Earth." Composed of stunning clips and an energizing sound track, this 40 second trailer was initially produced for a movie commemorating the last shuttle mission in 2011. The trailer was updated in 2013 to support the release of two new movies in the series, which are both available in multiple versions:

Launch: All Systems Go
- Main Sequence: vimeo.com/profitic/launch-asg-30
- With Subtitles: vimeo.com/profitic/launch-asg-ce-30
- Split Screen: vimeo.com/profitic/launch-asg-ss
- Tech Edition: vimeo.com/profitic/launch-asg-te

Launch: Maximum Thrust
- Crew Audio: vimeo.com/profitic/launch-maxt-ca
- Crew Audio with Subtitles: vimeo.com/profitic/launch-maxt-ce
- Rocket Audio (no vocals): vimeo.com/profitic/launch-maxt-ra

The original Launch movie followed the shuttle through rollout, ascent, booster freefall, and the final climb to orbit. The movie is being edited for re-release.

This trailer is also available without subtitles: vimeo.com/profitic/launch-trailer.

Higher bitrate copies of these videos are available for viewing and download at Internet Archive:

- Trailer: archive.org/details/launch-trailer
- All Systems Go: archive.org/details/launch-asg
- Maximum Thrust: archive.org/details/launch-maxt

Produced and edited by Ivan Myles. Footage provided by NASA courtesy of NASASpaceFlight.com, Internet Archive, YouTube.com, and SpaceFlightNowPlus.com. Please refer to the following links.

spaceflightnowplus.com/index.php?k=135portin&s=date&t=Shuttle+Mission+STS-135 (login required)

- A higher bitrate copy of the "Best of the Best" video is available at NASASpaceFlight.com with L2 membership. The video is referred to as "Ascent - Commemorating Shuttle" (nasaspaceflight.com/l2/).
- The source file of STS-127 booster camera replays is no longer available, but other versions can be found online.


The song War Drums was written and performed by Stephan Sechi (ASCAP), Radical A Publishing (ASCAP). Synchronization and public performing rights were obtained from RoyaltyFreeMusicLibrary.com (royaltyfreemusiclibrary.com/music-songs/War_Drums.php).

Distribution or presentation in whole or in part must be accompanied by all credits and notices, and must comply with guidelines for use of NASA imagery. MAY NOT BE USED FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES OR FUND RAISING, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO GENERATION OF ADVERTISING REVENUE.

Persons depicted or speaking in this work appear for illustrative purposes only. No endorsement of any commercial product, process, or service is stated or implied.

Licensed content is owned by respective licensors and may not be extracted, presented separately, or incorporated into other works without license. Public performing rights were obtained for presentation by the producer/Profitic, and include playback via internet hosting sites. Presentation by other parties may be subject to performing rights fees.

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