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As everything in nature, balance is our natural state of existence. When our thoughts, feelings and our behavior are in balance and harmony, we are in balance. I call this state 'Cognitive Balance'.

When prolonged stress or trauma (such as an accident, illness, personal loss, mental, emotional or physical abuse) causes us to lose our balance, it is our challenge and opportunity to go on a healing journey to regain that precious balance and state of well-being.

If you happen to be in such a position, simply want to pro-actively take preventative measures or help a friend, then perhaps the resources I provide on this platform can be of assistance to you: ebooks, online video programs, and a membership area with exclusive content such as ongoing guidance for your healing journey, specific healing techniques, google+ hangouts and discounted online counseling and coaching.

My background in high stress international corporate business and training as well as my masters degree in counseling psychology, certification in mental health therapy, stressmanagement and progressive relaxation, as well as my personal self-healing journey are resources available to you for your own journey. Because it is often easier and more effective to learn from someone who has 'been there' and 'done that' - than to figure it all out on your own.

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