TRIGGER WARNING: Scene of attempted rape and a lot of gratuitous nudity.

“The doctor’s diagnosis in each case is that the men seemed to be suffering from extreme sexual fatigue at the time of their deaths. I am not entirely sure how this diagnosis is made in an autopsy, but then perhaps I do not really want to know.” -Roger Ebert

A series of scientists at Brandt Laboratories are turning up dead from heart failure. State Department agent John Agar follows the clues to a secret laboratory where women are turned into bee girls and sent to kill all male enemies through “overexertion”. Whether you take it as drive-in sleaze or a knowing satire on 70s relations between the sexes, INVASION OF THE BEE GIRLS offers an update to 50s style mad science and government paranoia with big-ass sunglasses, bloopy modular synths and more compound lens shots than The Hellstrom Chronicle. Written by Nicholas Mayer (who later wrote the even-numbered Star Trek films) and directed by Denis Sanders (best known for 1964′s Shock Treatment) and starring William Smith (from pretty much every TV show ever) and Anitra Ford (Messiah of Evil, The Big Bird Cage), INVASION OF THE BEE GIRLS offers plenty for exploitation fans, from angry mobs to secret sex rooms to a transformation scene that’d make Matthew Barney buzz. That said, the science-gone-mod approach never gets overly tongue in cheek; it has the same pacing and construction as a made-for-TV movie of the same time (if such films had an uncredited cameo by porn legend Rene Bond).


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