'KamaSutra with a Twist: Sex Positions with Seductive CockTails on Amazon!

'Kama sutra with Seductive CockTails' will take your love making and make it DEEP, SENSUOUS and oh so very HOT. We show you how to SPICE your LOVE MAKING, achieve heightened CONFIDENCE and remove all INHIBITIONS about deep true INTIMACY. We suggest the RIGHT drink for YOUR kamasutra to create the 'MOOD' for intense pleasure with a willing partner in the seduction of the MOMENT!
Imagine being intensely loved and gently CARESSED by your partner who has the kama sutra 'know-how'; to stimulate you physically, mentally and visually. Think of the excitement when your SOUL MATE feels that untamed level of DESIRE and the love and want that will FLOW from his or her body and mind. FEEL the thrill when you discover an intimate position and cocktail that adds to those INTENSE sensations of PLEASURE driving your NEED to fully SATISFY your partner. Imagine you with the sexual FREEDOM to love and be fully loved from the very depth of your BEING.
'Kamasutra Seductive CockTails' exposes the RAW erotic NAKEDNESS of the Kama sutra by cleverly combining unique COCKTAILS that intensifies the INTIMACY of the moment. FEEL your mind mellow with a seductive cocktail, then experience the untamed AROUSAL as you entwine within each other reaching new heights of mutual SATISFACTION. This book will reveal the SECRETS of DEEP satisfying INTIMACY that will never get old. Don't wait, take control and lose yourself in arms of the one you want, you deserve the PLEASURE!
Read it, make it, do it and tell the story of how it all came about!
Here's to You!

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