EN: A Video made for the conference InterSpeech 2013 in Lyon, France. Discover the surreal side of Linguistics ! ;-)
FR: Une vidéo réalisée pour la conférence InterSpeech 2013 à Lyon, France. Découvrez le côte surréaliste de la Linguistique ! ;-)

VIDEO: Julie Meitz / julie.meitz.free.fr/
interspeech2013.org / L'Ampithéâtre à Lyon, France
Photos: plus.google.com/photos/109796878415625624940/albums/5917096069901936193

Visual Resources
in order of appearance
Opening Speech - Norman McLaren
The Artist - Michel Hazanavicius
The King's Speech - Tom Hooper
2001: A Space Odyssey - Stanley Kubrick
Earth Revolving - WikiPedia
Phenakistoscope Frogs - WikiPedia
Lumière Factory - Lumière Brothers
World Voyages - Lumière Brothers
My Fair Lady - George Cukor
Singing in the Rain - Stanley Donen & Gene Kelly
Mars Attack - Tim Burton
Beautiful Harmonic Kiss - Bach Yen & Tran Quang Hai
Celebrities & Language Learning - 5Language YouTube
Good Morning America:
Speaking the Language in Avatar - YouTube
La Haine - Mathieu Kassovitz
Annie Hall - Woody Allen
Parrot Speaks 20 Languages - AnimalSites YouTube
Roaring Fireball - Epic Slow Mo
Vintage Moon - The Graphics Fairy (Web)
What happens in our mouths: Process of Speaking - Dio Brando YouTube
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory - Mel Stuart 1971
Die Dubstep Zauberflöte - Jürgen Disterer aka Dirty White Paint
Ich bin ein Berliner - Eddie Izzard YouTube
Alice in Wonderland - Clyde Geronimi... Walt Disney 1951
Brain Activity wiht fMRI - Benjamin Ricaud YouTube
Science Bulletins: Language in the Mind - American Museum of Natural History
Voder 1939: Early Speech Synthesizer - VintageCG YouTube
Guignol (famous French puppet) - Web
Ursonate Ursonography excerpts 2005 - Golan Levin & Jaap Blonk
American Accent Training 6: Vowel sound OH English - Learnex YouTube
Language Distribution by Country Map - StatSilk.com
Linguistic, Computer & Other Graphics/Texts - Google Images ;-)
Le Petit Prince - Will Vinton (from Julie's 16mm Educ. Film Transfer)
Leave it to Roll-Oh ! - Handy Jam Organization, Detroit 1940, Internet Archive - Prelinger Collection

Additional Aural Resources
not including soundtracks from Visual Resources
Main Scores - Kevin MacLeod
Brandenburg No. 4 in G, BWV1049
Egmont Overture Finale
Winter Reflections

AT & T : Internet Text to Speech
Inter Screech 2013 / HAL! / Come with me

Shhh ! - Julie Meitz
Martian Death Ray - Mike Koenig
Explosion Loud SE – Web
Incredible Machine - Bell Labs '68 (Internet Archive)
President Kennedy's Speech, Berlin 1963
Martin Luther King's Speech, Washington D.C. 1963
Hommage MultiLingue au Petit Prince - Jean Philippe Goldman / Unige.ch

Psycho & The Alfred Hitchcock Hour (TV) - Alfred Hitchcock
American Polyglot: 20 Languages - Timothy Doner
Taxi Driver - Martin Scorsese
First Computer to Sing "Daisy Bell" IBM 7094 - Slaven Radovic
Kempelen's Speaking Machine 1791 - Phonetics of Saarland University by Fabian Brackhane & Dominik Bauer, Germany 2007-09

Rooster 2 - Acclivity
Attack hits - J Philipp
Film Projector - Rock Savage
Heavy frogs - Unfa
Static - Jace
AM band static - Cognito Perceptu

(Theory: Noam Chomsky)

Special Thanks
François Pellegrino, Cécile Fougeron, Frédéric Bimbot

Wonderful Subtitle program I recommend - Subtitle Edit 3.3.8:

Made for InterSpeech 2013 Conference
Lyon, France

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