There are a million things I love about this video of Rocky and Merlin. To name a few, here’s my top three: 1) Their deep feelings towards each other and how they have expressed it in words was the centerpiece of the video, 2) the song in the video was sang by the bride herself, previously professionally recorded (you guys! Isn’t her voice beautiful or what?), and 3) her bridesmaid Sanny, who did such a great job with the Indian accent, gave a bit of fun color into the romance of the day.

This is a great video, if I do say so myself. If you’re just as excited as I am about it, please click the link below.

Also, here are a few words from Rocky and Merlin about each other – a few short words about preparing their “once in a lifetime”. – Garry V.

Merlin, like I have mentioned in the video, is the miracle of my life. I have given her all my heart since the first time I laid my eyes on her 3,5 years ago. That first moment will be something I want to remember for the rest of my life. She has brought me joy, laughter, happiness since then. Preparing a once-in-a-lifetime wedding event is never easy for anyone, but with her, every bit is worth it. It has made me realize that she is indeed the one and only love of my life. – Rocky

Rocky is the kindest, cutest, sweetest, most caring boyfriend / fiancé/ husband in the whole world. He can easily turn my sadness into happiness, even with his lame and most annoying jokes. I know I can always turn in to fat shoulders every time I need to shed a tear or two. I cannot imagine planning this once-in-a-lifetime event with anyone else but him. From choosing the napkin colors, pre-wedding dresses, band, décor to solving tons of the endless wedding issues, Rocky has always been there for me, like an honorary “Maid of Honor” and for that I am deeply grateful.

The song I sang in the video is called “Here”. I wouldn’t have the courage to sing this song if it wasn’t for Rocky. It was actually the very first time I did a professionally recording in a studio, so you can imagine how nervous I was. But thanks to Rocky for his encouragements and to all the mighty people behind the scene, that song came out just as I imagined it would be. I didn’t sing the song only because it sounded good, but because it also perfectly reflects the feelings I have for my husband in so many ways.

“You are the one
The one I always waited for
With the heart I am sure was meant for mine
Who would have guessed
The night we first met
But you’d be everything I’ve always dreamed I find
All the trouble I’ve known
All the long and winding road
All my lonesome years
Well I never knew I
Till u came into my life
Now everything ‘s so clear
You’re the reason why I’m here”

Marrying him was the best decision I have made in my life. He really is “… the reason why I am here.” – Merlin

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