Every year the UK dumps over 100 million tonnes of waste into landfill sites. We’re choking the planet with what we throw out every day, and it costs taxpayers £600 million a year just to cover waste management. The EU is preparing to fine the UK £500,000 per day until we cut our landfill and meet targets that other EU nations already are.

You and I can do something about this really easily. Let’s Reyooz more.

The good news is millions of us recycle our cans, papers and bottles every day, because we care about our environment and we know it’s the right thing to do. But what about the stuff we throw out that’s probably useful to someone, it’s not likely to sell on ebay and we don’t know what else to do with it?

That’s where Reyooz comes in. Don’t worry, we’ve made it really easy for you.

Just take a photo of the stuff you want to give away. Write a really short description and hit send. That’s it. Everybody will instantly see your offer and they’ll be able to let you know they want it. You can see all the interested people and easily arrange a time when they can come collect it. You can even list multiple items.

Don’t panic, we won’t bombard your inbox with hundreds of emails, it all happens on Reyooz. You just log in and pick the winner. You can choose to see the profiles of the people who want your stuff, so you almost know the person before they pop round to collect.

Reyooz also keeps your identity and location safe until you choose who you want to give your
things to. You’re always in control.

You just got rid of some of your unwanted stuff, and someone who lives in your community just got something really great. For free.

I just gave away my old dining table to Anna who’s studying in London and couldn’t afford to shell out for a table. I also gave my old tv a new home since we bought a nice new flat screen. I could have spent a saturday morning carting it out to the council tip, but instead I offered it on Reyooz and Catherine swung by to pick it up. Her son had just moved out of home to his first flat and she was able to set him up with a tv without having to fork out hundreds of pounds.

So as they say one persons trash is another persons treasure and, you’re making a contribution to a cleaner planet.

Oh, one last thing. While Reyooz is always going to be free, we’re finding ways to make it profitable. Why? Because we want to do even more so we’ll be giving away 25% of our profits to good causes and, you know what the best part is? We let you decide where the money goes.

Don’t bin it. Reyooz it.

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