Final Thesis work
Dual-MSc on Product Service System Design
Politecnico di Milano // Tongji University of Shanghai

About the Idea_
Studying abroad can represent a way to achieve a high and competitive level of training behind the personal and professional point of view.
From the context analysis I found that most of Chinese students and families cannot afford expensive university’s fee and cost of living abroad due the family social and economical condition.
I decided to focus my thesis work on low-income students to develop a PSS to help them to achieve their dreams.
Going places (行万里路) is a platform based on crowd-funding principles.
It leverages the power of the masses and it is based on the simple principle of the crowd-saving.
Also the naming, both English and Chinese version, want to underline the importance to go abroad as a way to success in life and to attain wisdom.
The project was develeped using design thinking and Human-Centered Design methodology as investivation and innovation tools.

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