Official trailer for Dogs On A Beach, by Spencer Gilley and Andrew Hovi.

Dogs On A Beach focuses on a late-summer afternoon in the lives of a small group of young children living on the remote Lac Seul First Nations reserve in Northwestern Ontario. Uninhibited by parental supervision, the film captures the fascinating relationships which exist between the children as they give a tour of their very unique, isolated island community.

Produced, Directed, and Filmed by Spencer Gilley and Andrew Hovi
Sound and Picture Editing by Spencer Gilley
Music by Andy White and Doug Poole
Map Animation by Spencer Gilley
Associate Producer - Emily MacLennan

Spencer Gilley and Andrew Hovi currently live in Montreal, Quebec and are both 24 years-old. This is their first documentary together.

Spencer is from Vancouver, British Columbia, and Andrew is from Kenora, Ontario, one of the towns nearest to Kejick Bay, where Dogs on a Beach was filmed. In fact, his father actually used to teach at the elementary school on the island.

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Kejick Bay, the island community where Dogs on a Beach was filmed, has been separated from the mainland ever since the area was flooded by a hydroelectric dam in 1929 and has only been accessible by car since 2009. There is only a primary school on the small island, so teenagers from Kejick Bay must live away from home if they are to attend secondary school. Thus, the kids featured in Dogs on a Beach are living some of their last years at home on the island.

Because of the casual access granted to the filmmakers by the kids, Dogs on a Beach captures some very candid, profound moments and offers a unique perspective of what it might be like to grow up in a community far removed from many of the urban influences which affect those of us who live in larger cities and urban communities.

The film also includes footage shot by the kids themselves as they interview each other and show off their home, the island of Kejick Bay.

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