Dubclub, a small group of close friends who have been in around the Volkswagen scene for a decade. Over the years the club has been true to its roots and kept it simple, not having hundreds of members or selling merchandise, but enjoying the passion they all share. Building cars together and helping others, supporting other clubs and events, even local businesses!

The meet was created in approx winter 2006 and has experienced mega meets of over 500 cars to the cold winters and a handful of hardcore regulars. It has always welcomed new comers, with a friendly environment, most people know one another by name! Its a chilled out and relaxed environment with everyone willing to help and share their experiences. People travel from all over the UK to attend, and being a weekly meet, it's different every time! Above all its a meet for the people and its the people that make it a success, not to mention the backing from local authorities and land owners.

Thanks to all who have supported the meet, wouldn't be possible without you all.

Song used is Colorbox sounds - Fool

Special thanks to

Alex Schilling
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Carbon Collective
Drive By Shooters
EDGE Automotive
Fitted Society
Grand Nostalgic
MDB Images
Pure Customs
Rolling on Steelies
Stag & Pheasant - Khan Peen
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