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The detection mat detects your facing direction.
Arduino reads the signal and tell whether you want to stand and take a piss or sit down.
Arduino then sends corresponding ir signals to a motorized toilet seat (a TOTO Washlet in this case).
Lid and seat will be arranged magically. Look! No hands~!

1. A facing direction detection mat
2. An Arduino board (in this case, an Atmega328p standalone to save battery power)
3. A TOTO Washlet with motorized lid/seat

1. To save power, the device is normally asleep.
2. The device wakes up when stepped on, and send an "lid up seat down" ir signal.
3. It sends a "lid up seat up" signal if the user faces the toilet.
4. It sends a "lid up seat down" signal if the user faces the opposite direction.
5. It sends a "lid down seat down" signal 5 secs after user is off the mat, and goes to sleep.

1. The ir module is small. The big black box is actually the battery box. (3xAA)
2. I plan to shrink the ir module and attach it directly on the mat, and the gadget will be waterproof.
3. It can be re-programed to use on any other motorized toilet seat, providing that there are corresponding ir codes for the three actions (lid up seat down, lid up seat up, and lid down seat down) in the machine.

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