A very early Mindwrecker show, and, golly, watching it again, one of my favorites. I'm enamored of the heavy emphasis on a particular live micro-photography set-up I shot in the late 1980s for much of the visual content. There are several other visual elements, but this is another wonderfully 'static' episode, where we are really seeing the 'radio show with visuals' motif that formed a large part of the show at this point. Being on at 8PM on a Friday night I wanted to do a lot of bizarre visuals and/or audio that one could just let run in the household as a lighting or audio manifestation.
As an early MONO show, before the station went to two channels, the audio can be rather soft at times, so I recommend turning it up rather a lot in some places, as my overall mixing plan seems to have exceeded the parameters of the editing suite at that time.
That said - I recall typing up all of the Burroughs sequences to be read in a 'script' format, and getting pretty close to memorizing them before the tapings of final bits.
Some of my favorite live vocal takes occur at:
16:00 - The Candiru !
I enjoyed hearing some of the odd background music again that
I made/mixed for this show. I hear again why it was a favorite of ALL of my episodes.
At 17:30 occurs another long and lovely live vocal take: "The Word".
"...It will hang you and catch your jism like a scrutable dog!"
I used to have a list of all of the novels and books that these fragments came from (and some are quite obscure) and I wish I still did - but you can hear the 'breaks' in the 'character' voices and production and tell where we are going into another scene.
At 21:00" we hear another nice vocal take. Some of these still floor me. One made me cry.
At 24:00" we hear a CLASSIC Burroughs incantation.
The writings here still ring awfully true. Listening to these again in August 2013 it is a bit frightening how prophetic and magical and wonderful that these fragments of Mr. Burroughs writing still are.

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