In a world, left only with lustful monsters and everything else, their prey. Where boys are forced to grow into imbalanced beings void of sanity. Where women go missing without anyone noticing or maybe, even caring. Where, Man is destroying nature, the world, the cosmos and history with everything that nature, itself provides. And though these words may seem to describe a post-apocalyptic world, they are very much relevant to the present times we live in, where the idea of romance has turned into a repulsive desire and beauty has merely disappeared.

Running from something, a woman is suddenly stopped on her path when she notices something in the far distance and before she knows it, and along with her, the viewer, without clue, is sucked into this dark, seemingly twisted yet simple, grim tale of the boy and two nights.


The Tale Of The Boy And Two Nights

Writen & Directed by Kabir Mehta

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