This is the same video as the previous one, but with a bitrate of 1500kbps instead of 2500. Looks like Vimeo has problems showing HD videos. It is quite disturbing actually, so that is why I try it with a lower bitrate. It performs slightly better then the big video, although it still stutters when moving to another point in the painting. Looks like moving around an image is not such a good idea. I might have to redo this and work with fade in instead. How about you? Does this performs properly from your end? Please let me know.

Artwork from the series Lost Corners.
Format: 60x50x3cm
Medium: charcoal & pastel on canvas

This section of the harbor is still used, but not as frequently as in the past. A certain sadness hangs over the whole area. When I was young, I went to school a few blocks away and even then the area had a feel of melancholy which is so typical of industrial areas. Yet, there is a certain beauty in that sadness, like the caustics in shadow.

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