Maria Molteni and Colette Aliman, collaborators on the project Festooning the Inflatable Beehive, invited Ron Breland to present at their event Apisocial Saturdays. This afternoon of lectures and conversation was part of the "Alternative Visions/Sustainable Futures" programming for Boston University 808 Gallery's exhibition "Systems ECOnomies" curated by Lynne Cooney and Dana Clancy.

The Double Decker Dodeca // Beekeeper Ron Breland

Why not make a hive out of Frozen Music? Ron's experiments with alternative hive design for over forty years have convinced him that if we are to put Art back into the “Art of Beekeeping,” we must learn how to understand what Leonardo da Vinci meant when he spoke of The Shape and Form of the Invisible. With the help of a little Sacred Geometry from Pythagoras and the "Endless Columns" of Brancusi, we will have a look at the various factors that may, quite possibly, consign the modern bee hive to the dust bin of history.

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