Summer is going; heres to taking it with us.

As the waves of the world build and crash and we along with them shift forward unawares, it’s the moments of warmth, of knowing and living and love unbound that shock us back into the moment. This is where we live, here and now, and forever till the end of what we know that moments like these will ring strong and sure in the back of our memories. Like a soft warm summer breeze, like the laugh of a pretty girl and the shifting song of a summer’s bird, these moments are something to draw upon and hold with us when we return the teeming forward motion of our individual existence.

It’s our friends that share these moments that will help us remember. Our friends who will say, “remember when we were there”, “remember when we were young and reckless and unbound”. “That’s who we were and that’s who we are still and you had better to not forget.”

As the world turns and the great burning man in the sky takes us for another turn on the dance floor, just remember those moments.

Tallent: Adam Pohl
Rachel Pohl
Kt Miller
Robin Hill
Henry Worobec
Hannah Fraser
Sam Lowe
Matthew Wheat

Voice: Alyssa Larson

Music: "Summer light" by The Cave Singers

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