Why does God command us to keep the Feast of Trumpets on 1st Tishri?
What major event in the future does the Feast of Trumpets symbolise and picture in vision to us?
Will the 1st Resurrection occur before the Feast of Trumpets and if so, when will it likely occur?
Which national armies will unite to fight against Jesus, when He returns to this Earth?
Who will be in the 1st Resurrection, and will they be presented in the 3rd Heaven before God the Father?
When will the 7 Last Plagues be poured out? Before the 1st Resurrection or after it?
How will Jesus return to this Earth? Will Christ come with a loud noise and every eye seeing Him come?
Where will the first 1,000 years of Christ's reign be spent?
These and many more questions are answered in this video.

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