During my collegiate years at Assumption College (a very long time ago), I enrolled in the TV Production II course (2007-2008), and was part of a group of five students who devised a series of instruct-mercials for the Emmanuel d'Alzon Library.

The series follows a procrastinating student who is distracted while trying to write a psychology essay, and falls asleep at his desk. In each episode, the student encounters a ghost, who instructs him on how to use the resources at the library to complete his paper. Eventually, the student succumbs to the temptation of plagiarizing, and through a nightmarish experience of getting caught for plagiarism, he wakes up. After he wakes up, he does a quick run-through of all the resources available for students at the library. The End.

Each student was involved during each part of the production process, and two students from Berklee College of Music composed the score for each video. I am posting this video on behalf of my fellow colleagues and professors, who worked tirelessly on this project.

As a proponent for integrating special effects, I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to incorporate video effects into each episode. Throughout the project, I was able to enhance my skills with Avid Video Composer.

Here is a link to the video posted by the Assumption College Library

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