SYNOPSIS: Rave Safe came about via the 'Aids Council of Australia' and NUAA's 'Tribes Project', from funding granted by Government to help curb the spread or threat of AIDS. By funding different sub-cultures, organisation thought it best to approach communicating the safety message to people by having video messages made that cater to that sub-coultures sensibilities. Director Jeff Jaffers (Future Films) was asked to reprisent 'Rave Coulture' by Producer Tracy Walsh, he in turn asked me to go to Sydney (from Melbourne) to help make (animate) the music video. So I took an Amiga 2000 with me and camped out on the north end of Bondi Beach for the summer c1992/3, at his French friend Giele's very comfy beach bungalo. As an apporach decided upon, a sampling cut n paste with high saturation strobescopic image aesthetic was to be employed, very much at home on the dance floor of Rave's. The message was to, as Jeff put it when interviewed by 'Listen Up' magazine in Sydney when video was released '...we wanted to convey a message without hitting them over the head with a sledge hammer.' Many icons, symbols, words relating to drug safety use were sampled and mish mashed together then animated. A 3D artists impression of the HIV virus was animated moving through the blood system and entering up and into a plunged syringe. Footage of rave dancers trancing out along with tribal dancers were juxtaposed against such imagery - this was achieved in edit by Jeff Jaffers' masterful eye for movement. An amazing sound track was a remix of Ollie Olsen's (Third Eye) 'Morphic Resonance'. A VHS video cassette was handed out to various Rave promoters to pass onto video artists to play and intercut the message with their own art over the dance floors of Sydney Raves. Rave Safe was one of the most successful campaigns launched at the time. The video and its group ground support teams handing out condoms, testing drugs on site etc for some 7 years after video was released. It won best Animated Video at the Bathurst Awards c1994. And was still seen on DJ Sets played on ABC's Rage years after. It even sparked a grass roots campaign led by local Melbourne Ravers trying to look after their (our) own.
Rave Safe
Rave Safe Campaign - NSW
Visual Eyes - c.1992
VJ Mandala > Adem Jaffers
aka Nuero 1990 & Tekno Mandala 1991-95
Gorilla Music Video
See Credits roll at end
Future Films > Jeff Jaffers
'Morphic Resonance' - Third Eye (Psy-Harmonics)
> Written & Produced by Ollie Olsen

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