(roughly Morons in the Mountains)
dir. Edith Carlmar, 1957
90 mins. Norway.
In Norwegian with English subtitles.


“You are a disgrace to the Norwegian hotel trade.”

FJOLS TIL FJELLS concerns an overworked concierge named Poppe (Leif Juster) at the swankiest ski lodge in the country, who takes on a bellboy to mitigate his stresses. Unbeknownst to Poppe, young “Rudolf” is actually Ruth, the bored socialite daughter of the lodge’s owner, out to prove herself to her skeptical parents and get a taste of the working stiff’s life. At the same time, renowned actor and playboy Teddy Winter checks in - ostensibly for some fresh mountain air, but in fact to prey on his legions of adoring female fans on skiing holiday.

A dour ornithologist checks in as well - only wrinkle is, Poppe can’t tell him and the movie star apart (both characters are played by the same actor.) Hijinks, highballs and even a little romance ensue. Warm-hearted yet remarkably saucy, FJOLS TIL FJELLS was one of the most biggest box office successes in Norwegian cinema, and has endured as a cherished TV staple every Easter. Trailer by Dash Flanagan.

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