Trailer of the film Asier ETA bio (Asier AND I), directed by Amaia and Aitor Merino, produced by Doxa Producciones and Cineática FIlms, and distributed by Freak. World Premiere in San Sebastian International Film Festival.

Title: Asier ETA biok (Asier AND I)
Synopsis: Asier and I grew up in the Basque Country. Later, Asier joined the armed organization ETA. How does one tell the reasons why Asier was moved to take a decision which, even for me, was difficult to assimilate?
Length: 93 min
Original Language.: Spanish and Basque
Subtitles: English
Production company: Doxa Producciones and Cineática Films
Producers: Ainhoa Andraka (Doxa Producciones), Amaia Merino, Aitor Merino and Gabriela Calvache (Cineática Films)
Filmmaker: Amaia Merino y Aitor Merino
Scriptwriter: Amaia Merino y Aitor Merino
Composer: Alex Alvear y Alicia Alemán
Cinematographer: Aitor Merino
Direct Sound: Aitor Merino
Sound Edition and Postproduction: Finding the Sound
Montaje / Edition: Amaia Merino, Ainhoa Andraka
Postproduction: Doxa Producciones, Chemistry and Color Space

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