Time lapse video documentation of mural commission in Chester le Street, County Durham, UK. With music courtesy of Eyvind Kang.

The ‘Community of Cuthbert’ which left Lindisfarne with St Cuthbert’s tomb in 875, settled in Chester-le-Street in 883 where they remained for 112 years before they moved to Durham. It was in Chester le Street that the Gospels were translated from Latin into the regional Old English vernacular by a scribe, Aldred. Aldred's 'gloss' was added between the lines of original Latin text, written by Gospels' creator; Bishop Eadfrith. Aldred's politically minded efforts brought the 'Good News' to a form that the wider community could understand, in turn, expanding the popularity of Christianity in Britain.
The Lindisfarne Gospels are the oldest surviving example of the Gospels in English.


Track 1 - Mineralia by Eyvind Kang, Theatre of Mineral Nades
Track 2- The Yelm Sessions by Eyvind Kang, The Yelm Sessions
Track 3 - Theory of the supreme ones by Eyvind Kang, Theatre of Mineral Nades

Supported by:
Durham County Council, Chester le Street Area Action Partnership.
Go North East (bus operator)
Artworks in Teesdale

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