What is it about New York City which seems to breed so many "psychics"? Is it because people are coming to the city, leaving behind their family and friends, without a source of guidance, that the next best thing is to pay a bit of cash to a con-artist with a crystal ball to give you the answers they so desperately need?

This mini-documentary is the first of a series I am making about "psychics" in different cities. Along the way, I met Mark Seltman, celebrity palmist/hand-reader in NYC. I wasn't sure what to think of Mark before I met him, but his instant charm and wizardish looks left us a bit spell-bound. Mark does not proclaim to be a psychic, and here, he shares some thoughts on his "peers".

Next mini-doc will take place in Hong Kong - stay tuned.

Featuring: Mark Seltman, Palmist/Hand Reader, New York
Music composer and hand subject: Wilfred Chung, Hong Kong

Filmed, Directed and Produced by Juliet Shayne Lui, Hong Kong

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