"The Crazy Crazy Ones" is Chris Chickering's tribute to those who have pushed the human race forward. STARRING: 53 of the most inspiring people of all time. Thx for SHARING! FOR A FREE DOWNLOAD OF THIS SONG, visit:

Singer-songwriter Chris Chickering founded Music for Positive Change™ to actualize his vision of music as a powerful force for personal transformation.

Chris’s feel-good rock n’ roll integrates folk, rock and world music influences with vocals that share the same passion as the recording artists that have inspired him throughout his life.

Fueled by a love of music, a belief in self-empowerment and a desire to make the world a better place, Chris envisions music as a potent agent for breaking down barriers and getting us to recognize our common humanity.

Grounded in his own struggles and insights, Chris writes songs that can raise people’s spirits and change outdated attitudes.

Chris’ view of music as a catalyst for personal development emerged from his involvement in humanistic psychology. In 2007, Chris founded Guru Authority™, a talent agency representing expert speakers in the field of health, wealth, relationships and spirituality.

In 2012 Chris released his first studio album, “Shine,” with two-time Emmy Award winner Ron Cohen. “Shine” features 9 original songs as well as Cat Stevens’ classic ballad, “Father and Son.”

In 2103 Chris wrote 37 songs with Grammy-nominated, (“Walkaway Joe”) Emmy award-winning (“Your Day is Today”) songwriter Greg Barnhill for Chris’s second studio album, “Living in the Now.”

“Living In The Now,” which features 14 new, original tracks, has received a variety of accolades including the “Popular Choice Award – Best Albums in Santa Fe 2013” by Hutton Broadcasting and is ranked “Top 20 Albums of 2013” by Transitions Radio Magazine.

Chris was born in New York City, grew up in San Francisco and lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He holds a BA in English and Drama and studied psychology as a post-graduate. Chris has worked as a volunteer firefighter, and enjoys working out, yoga, performing slight-of-hand magic and spending time with his dog, Chili.

Chris is currently touring with his band as well as writing and recording new music for his upcoming live shows and third album release, “The Resurrection of Me” in fall 2014.

To get 3 FREE songs, learn more about Chris and the mission of Music for Positive Change™ visit: ChrisChickering.com


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