This is The 1975 performing their hit single, "Chocolate" for Yahoo! Music.
Before the band came in to the studio, Mario and I had a chance to test different elements in front of the camera lens'. We tried several things and one of the those was placing coffee filters over the lens. We cut holes in different places of the filter and secured them to the lens. It looked terribly ghetto on these nice cameras but it created this remarkable tint vignetting in the camera. We were stoked and he ended up shooting the whole session with those coffee filter filters.

I also had a little time to play around with some techniques in post. I didn't want to go too far and take away the live live performance element. I just wanted to add a bit of what I felt was the bands vibe to the edit.

Anyway this was a really fun project for a really cool band. I hope you enjoy it.

Director: Mario Frammingheddu
Editor/Colorist: Craig RIce

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