Timberland Presents: The Leadertape No. 03.
Sam Shuter.

A Shane Stirling Film.

Toronto artist Samara Shuter gets inspired by her fans, motivated by freedom, and lives by the mantra, "have less, be more." I got to know Sam when she designed the (Timberland sponsored) walking map for this year's Toronto International Film Festival and fell in love with her creative talent, easy personality and killer style.

Learn more about Sam: samarashuter.com.

The Leadertape comes from my passion for storytelling. Painting a picture through the senses to bring forth a vivid connection to the people, places and things that inspire me. My medium has changed from pencil and pad, to paint and canvas to pixel and screen, but the motivation has always been the same; to capture the moment forever. The participants of 'The Leadertape' I believe to be leaders. Leaders of thought, art and culture. My path has crossed with these people at various points in our journey and I want to share with you their stories so that you to can cross paths with theirs.

Moving Pictures. Moving Personalities. The Leadertape.





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