To me clothes have certain sacredness as they cover our body and have an immiadiate affect on our energy and aura field. So they are a wonderful "fengshui" asset we can use to get energized. I use in my design sacred geometry as well and Paradise codes and load them with high vibrational lovelight energy.
I am inspired by ancient Finnish culture, sacred feminine and work with fairies and nature elementals. I have been told that my clothes have the power to make people feel better when wearing them.

So by making this video I hope I can tell about a new way of creating clothes as the beginning of the higher dimensional shift in fashion.

I am grateful for the filming crew on expressing my concept so well. There is though lot more I would like to share with you..

The videoteam:
Script, filming, editing by Seija Hirstiö (, additional camera by Pinja Tolonen, violin by Kira Vuorio, models: Petra Hirstiö, Lilja Kanerva, Essi Tolonen, Jouni Piekkari.

Music by Jason Shaw.

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