The Mule is the best, easiest to use and most accurate ball-launcher in the world. The Mule is the Ultimate Skills and Finishing Solution.

The Mule Soccer Training Equipment is used by top teams in the English Premier League, other Pro Teams around the world, College, High School and also Club teams of all ages to develop highly skilled players, players that can make a difference in games.

Only The Mule can give players consistently accurate and realistic delivery of any type of ball so players can perfect their soccer skills: Balls on the ground and in the air, Chips, Driven balls, and even Bending balls are all easily and accurately delivered to players time after time, and at distances of up to 50 yards.

Good Soccer Coaches know that repetition is extremely important in developing soccer skills and The Mule's consistently accurate, realistic soccer ball delivery gives players the opportunity to efficiently and effectively work on soccer skill development like never before. The Mule Soccer Ball Machine delivery gives soccer players 100% opportunity to execute their soccer drills!

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