2011, UFERSTUDIOS Berlin (Premiere 2009, Ballhaus Ost Berlin)
Recorded on the occasion of the 10th anniversary »WILHELM GROENER – geboren am 1. Mai 2001«
Performer: Mariola Groener, Ulrich Huhn, Maria Francesca Scaroni, Günther Wilhelm, Johanna Peine
Sound: Tito, Light: Andreas Kröher

Am Anfang war das Ende (In The Beginning Was The End)
Two women, two men and something unknown get together on stage. They sing, they are silent, they search, they swing and set up a choreographic figure that consolidates their existing positions, and at the same time, describes new coordinates. Scenarios between contemplation, ecstasy and regression open up - a merry go round of inner and outer movement. WILHELM GROENER’s new piece revolves around the interrelation between heaven and earth and sketches rituals between shadow and light.

A WILHELM GROENER Production. Supported with funds from the Mayor of Berlin – Senate Chancellery – Cultural Affairs Berlin and the Fonds Darstellende Künste e. V.


Video © Walter Bickmann | tanzforumberlin.de

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