This video demonstrates real-time video processing done by the GPU on a mobile phone. These simple effects were coded using GLSL on an Android mobile device. The video has been shot on an Android Nexus S phone, which at the time of this writing is more than two and a half years old. Therefore, let's just say that it's not the fastest phone out there.

The effects shown in this video are (in order) :

- No effect at all, just the plain image from the webcam.
- Matrix multiplication effects: these are effects that can be implemented by multiplying the input color by a color matrix. These include red, green and blue filters, color inversion and gray scale.
- Pencil effects : these are simple but pretty effects based on edge detection.
- Heat effect : the clearer parts of the image are mapped to a "hotter" color.
- Sepia effect : another color mapping method that gives the impression of old pictures.
- Sharpen effects : These enhance the edges in the image, which also enhances noise.

Date : 2013/09/10

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