A demo on how M2M Telematics Sensor Data can be used in real-time to calculate MTTF to predict machine failure rate and schedule 'predictive Maintenance'.

Condition based maintenance aims at: Estimating the Failure Rate of assets, with the goal of,
+ finding 'Remaining Useful Life' of assets
+ Scheduling 'Predictive Maintenance'
+ Maintaining 'Right Levels of Inventory' for spare parts
+ Evaluate 'What If' alternate scenarios
+ Determining the right 'Warranty Period' for assets at the design ....

The video covers an 'Electric Locomotive Air-brake' system as a case study to estimate the Mean-Time-To-Failure (MTTF) using the sensor data collected from M2M Telematics Frameworks. Also indicates how 'What If' analysis works for this scenario and how Big Data can improve the cost effectiveness.

More details can be found in Gopalakrishna's Predictive Analytics Journal Paper Publications, available at: gopalakrishna.palem.in/Publications.html

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