In February and March of this year I had the privilege of joining Circolombia on their tour at the Adelaide Fringe Festival. After a successful run at the Sydney Festival (where I met them) they performed what were mostly sellout shows in Adelaide and this is just a small preview of that amazing show!

The show has so far wowed audiences across almost every major city, and what's so special about the performance is the story behind it all, these young men and women come from some pretty rough neighbourhoods back in Cali, Colombia. Their years of physical skill and experience translated live into a spectacle of lights, laughter, music and heart-stopping action.

Although this is a highlight /teaser video, I still don't think it can really compare to seeing the show live, a difference experience altogether! The music in the show is incredibly different and overpowering, the feeling of the danger, the excitement, the thunderous music and the roar of the crowd is something you really need to experience to fully appreciate and acknowledge!

CREATOR'S NOTES (Felicity Simpson, Creative Producer and Artistic Director)
At Circo Para Todos, we watched what these young people were doing spontaneously every night, and really every spare moment, and recognized something real: a force of energy that could touch a whole theatre and reach every last seat in the back. We decided to take their best acts and made a “circo concierto,” and something amazing happened. These young people don’t act. They come alive onstage.
All the energy from the street explodes, creating a completely unique fusion of styles: a mix of what they
have learned in the school and lived in their lives. They express themselves through their own specific
language, putting together acrobatic circus skills, Latin reggaeton, hip hop and live singing, giving the show
an extraordinary strength, authenticity, and astonishing power. It’s a risky, raw, edgy show, just as their life
experience is in Cali. With a real story to tell, URBAN is at the forefront of a revolutionary new style of circus.

If you're in Brisbane you're in luck! The show will be happening from the 13th to 28th of September 2013.
If you're somewhere else in the world, keep your eyes on this website for updates on where they'll be travelling to next!

- Shot and Edited by Ali Kadhim
- Music by Woodkid - 'Run Boy Run'
- All footage is original and ungraded.
- Camera equipment: Canon 60D, 17-55mm f2.8 Canon lens, and Slider.
- Footage is a collection of about 5 shows.
- All footage shot from the Adelaide Fringe Festival (big top) 2013.

To the Circolombia family for your hospitality and generosity in allowing me to come on board to follow you guys around, I wish you all continued success and many more adventures around the world!

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