Keynote Title: Main-Memory Centric Data Management – Open Problems and Some Solutions

Keynote Lecturer: Dr. Wolfgang Lehner

Keynote Chair: Dr. Alexander Smirnov

Presented on: 30-07-2013

Abstract: Data management systems are currently sandwiched by two major developments. On the one hand, the underlying hardware characteristics has changed dramatically within the last years by providing a huge number of cores and extremely large main memory capacities in the Terabyte range for commodity servers. While these developments have great impact on system architecture, current systems are only slowly starting to exploit these capabilities. On the other hand, more and more non-standard applications are eager to take advantage of the features provided by database management systems. Especially knowledge extraction processes interactively analyzing large, mostly empirically collected datasets are generating a huge variety of requirements to the underlying data management platform using complex statistical models. Within the keynote, I will dive into some detail with respect to different requirements giving examples from different areas. From there I will derive open problems and give some solutions to pave the way for positioning database systems as the central information hub for operational applications and analytical knowledge extraction processes.

Presented at the following Conference: DATA, International Conference on Data Management Technologies and Applications

Reykjavik, Iceland
July 2013

Conference Website:

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